Communities Insurance | UK Pie Party
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UK Pie Party

UK Pie Party, Madcap fundraising business

In our day to day business, we come across many and varied types of social enterprise and charity organisations during – some of them serious and many very professional, and some just for fun. The UK Pie Party – puts the fun in fundraising by selling custard pies at festivals and events

The UK Pie Party is for everyone, especially children. We want children to know that the world is a happy place – a funny place full of laughter. The world is funny when we make it funny. All the time cancer makes everything sad, we want to show children just how funny life can be. The UK Pie Party is a travelling Comedy Fundraiser.


Even though there is a increased liability risk associated with flinging shaving foam around the place, we were able to place the insurances with an insurer who saw the funny side and took the case on normal terms.