Communities Insurance | Companions Real Bread
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Companions Real Bread

Companions Real Bread, Community Bakery

We first got to know Maggie Rich in 2016 when she was setting up her community bakery in Bedford. Maggie knew how to make fabulous bread, and her idea was to produce high quality sourdough bread and baking for the community.

We’re a real bread bakery (sourdough and yeasted) building a community of positive-minded, non-judgemental people, with a view to supporting one another along an honest path towards our goals in life, and in particular offering work experience and training to ex-offenders trying to resettle successfully in the local community and not to reoffend

Maggie works with ex-offenders and in the normal world of insurance, this can present a problem arranging cover. However, we work with insurers who are community minded and will overlook this ‘risk’ element and provide competitive terms.